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The National Federation of Fishermen's Organisations

The National Federation of Fishermen’s Organisations (NFFO) exists to provide a voice for UK fishermen, irrespective of where on the coast they are based or the size of the vessel they operate.

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BySea logo Sailors' Society

Sailors' Society BySea

BySea is a Social Enterprise that invests 100% of its profits to Sailors’ Society, an international maritime welfare charity supporting seafarers, their families and communities at home, in port and at sea. BySea launched in 2016 with ethically sourced, exceptionally roasted, beautiful tasting coffee. Nearly 100% of coffee coming to the UK arrives by sea, meaning we are reliant upon the shipping industry and its crews for a product most of us drink each and every day.

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Maritime Payment Solutions LLC

ShipMoney provides the maritime industry an alternative for the payment of crew wages and the delivery of cash to vessels. ShipMoney for crew is a Visa payroll card that offers a new and improved way to receive for crew to receive their wages. ShipMoney for captains is a prepaid Visa purchasing card for captains and officers for provisions, emergency supplies and other ship expenses.

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