Conference Countdown

Starting the 2016 countdown to the International Maritime Human Rights Conference (IMHR) on 14 September 2016, the IMHR Advisory Board has held its inaugural meeting in London.

The Advisory Board members are Martin Foley, National Director of the Apostleship of the Sea, Robert Greenwood, Safety and Training Officer for the National Federation of Fishermen’s Organisations, Nigel Shattock, Director of Fundraising and Communications for Seafarers UK, and Andrew Wright, Secretary General of The Mission to Seafarers.Continue reading

Ensign Events announces launch of first International Maritime Human Rights Conference

“Respect, Responsibility, Remedy in the Maritime Environment”

Ensign Events together with Human Rights at Sea announce the launch of the International Maritime Human Rights Conference and Dinner 2016. Taking place in London on September 14th 2016, the event will focus on explicitly addressing the issue of maritime human rights and associated welfare issues throughout the maritime environment. Bringing together industry, civil society and government-level leaders for discussion and debate, the conference will offer an objective view point on issues currently affecting the human element at sea. Continue reading