The International Maritime Human Rights Conference – Aim and Objectives



To deliver the first International Maritime Human Rights Conference explicitly covering cross industry, civil society and government matters-in-issue concerning human rights protections, respect and remedies for abuses in the maritime environment.



  1. Establish a lasting conference platform and profile for maritime human rights.
  2. Profile key stakeholders with core responsibility for protecting human rights at sea.
  3. Expose, explain and debate current and emerging human rights issues and trends affecting the maritime environment (CSR, supply chain management, anti-bribery and corruption, business and human rights, human trafficking, abandonment, security, migrants and refugees, diversity, gender, LGBT, e-learning).
  4. Challenge and debate existing legislation and policies pertaining to protecting human rights at sea.
  5. Propose objective changes in existing State and non-state, civil society, NGO programmes, policies and legislation.
  6. Promote national and international initiatives.
  7. Highlight abuses at sea, showcase case studies and expose bad practice.



A successful, dynamic, thought-provoking and challenging conference that delivers a high level of informed and objective debate and thereby establishes a standard in advocacy and discussion focused on issues of human rights in the maritime environment.

IMHR 2016 supports the UN Sustainable Development Goals

UN Sustainable Development Goals